Single Tone Black Diamond Pigments 51g Tub


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Black Diamond Pigments are the best quality pigment to use for any D.I.Y resin projects! We have many different colours available. Please contact us to special order any colours we don’t currently have in stock.

Use for plastics, slime, epoxy, nail polish, automotive paint, lacquer, soap, resins, fiberglass, bath bombs, latex, rubber, screen printing, candle making, crafts, jewellery, Plastidip, plastic resins, melt pour soap, embossing, and wood

  • NON-TOXIC Professional Grade Mica
  • ALL of the pigments are ethically sourced



24K Gold, Aluminium, Aztec Gold, Battleship Grey, Black Onyx, Blazing Orange, Blood Red, Blue Slate, Bora Bora Blue, Burple, Cambridge Blue, Caribbean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Deep Blue Sea, Emerald Green, Enchanted Forest, Gold/Orange, Golden Indigo, Golden Purple Rain, Green Apple, Hazelnut, Hunter Green, Iridescent Blue, Iridescent Green, Jungle Green, Kryptonite Green, Liberty Copper, Liquid Metal Pearl, Mahogany, Mayan Green, Medieval Copper, Merlot, Midnight Blue, Olive Yellow, Pink Pearl, Pure Gold, Pure Pearl White, Raging Rose, Roman Gold, Royal Blue, Sapphire Metallic Blue, Satin Coffee, Satin White, Savage, Scarlet, Stirling Orange, The Midas Touch, Tuscan Sunset, Venice Blue, Violet, Vivid Orange

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