Spotted Gum Hardwood Conference Table

Dimensions: 3000mm long x 1200mm wide x 760mm high

We recently finished a huge Spotted Gum conference table which was going into a local Penrith school, which has recently undergone a massive renovation and they reached out to Living Timber Co to create and design their new conference table for in their boardroom.

This conference table was designed closely with the school Principal and staff so we could achieve a functional and beautiful piece for their boardroom space within their newly renovated and upgraded learning centre.

We sourced 2 large Spotted Gum slabs so we could make the table to the desired custom size with the client.

Firstly, we flattened the 2 slabs on the Woodwizz, to get them down to the required thickness and also surfaced flat, as they were rough sawn slabs when sourced.

After letting the slabs rest after flattening, the timber was cut to size, we used the Festool Track and Track Saw to get a perfect straight edge.

The hardwood slabs had some feature throughout, such as natural holes, voids and gum veining, which required filling, so the surface would be flat and useable. To fill the larger voids, we used Ice Epoxy – Ice Cast Deep Pour which is our tried and tested Epoxy of choice. The Ice Epoxy – Ice cast Deep Pour allows us to create a clear, non-yellowing fill. Ice Epoxy’s formular has even bubble distribution to eliminate micro bubbles while also being durable as this table was for a high use meeting space.

Any small holes were filled using Starbond CA Glue and Accelerator. Once the holes were filled, we used the Starbond accelerator, so we could get a much quicker dry time of a few seconds.

We created a custom mold to fit the timber slabs into, so after mixing the Ice Epoxy, the pour commenced. While pouring epoxy and during the curing process it was essential to keep the area cool. The cure time for this conference table was 10 days.

This table was going into a conference room which was on the second level of the building, so we had to come up with a design that could be transported in separate pieces, then assembled on site as the table was too large to go upstairs and through doorways when fully assembled.

The 2 slabs were and joined using Festool Domino connectors which meant that we could transport the slabs and set in place separated and then able to be joined together on site.

The solid hardwood legs were designed in a trapezium style which were also separate from the top, so it could be transported and assembled onsite. The legs could be easily connected to the underside of the table using threaded inserts.

The client also required power supply to the table, so equipment and electronic devices could be connected and charged during meetings and conferences. We fitted 2 power boxes down the centre line of the top that were fitted to the underside of the table. The power boxes had custom lids that could be opened to access the power points and charging ports and closed when not in use to create a seamless design.

Our last step was applying the 2 pac polyurethane finish over multiple days to seal the timber and apply the top coat.

In order to get the table and all its components on site, we transported the 2 timber slabs, set of legs, power boxes and tools required for assembly in 2 vehicles.

It took 4 people to get this table in place and set up in the conference room.

After weeks of timber prep, sanding and finishing we couldn’t be happier with how this piece turned out and the school staff were so happy with their new custom piece.

Material and Tools Used:

  • Spotted Gum Hardwood Slabs
  • Titebond III Ultimate Glue
  • Festool Track Saw
  • Festool Domino
  • Threaded Inserts
  • Ice Epoxy – Ice Cast Seep Pour
  • Starbond CA Glue
  • Starbond Accelerator Spray
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