At Living Timber, we only sell the woodworking products that we have tried, tested, and believe in. Each product we carry has the full confidence of our expert craftsman, Dean Boyd. Whether you’re looking for a custom piece of furniture or woodworking product, or you’re planning your own DIY project, you’ll find all of the products that we trust available for sale here and in our hard wood timber slab collection

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Our woodworking products have been tried and tested by us on pieces for our clients and we wanted to have these accessible and available for other woodworking professionals as well as hobbyists.

We only recommend what we use and love! We choose to stock products that are high quality, well-known and trusted brands.

The range of Titebond adhesives and accessories set the standard by which other glues are measured today. Titebond is the only adhesive that is trusted by woodworkers simply because they cater for all applications within woodworking.

Starbond is a fantastic product as it is fast and easy to use. From application to sanding within seconds, it means production is faster. It’s perfect for filling small cracks and voids within timber.

We have found 3M Xtract abrasives to be the best abrasives quality available in the current market. The design of the discs works perfectly for any random orbital setup with a vacuum. Having the vacuum means less dust, in turn, creating a higher quality finish as you are getting minimal to no pigtails in the sanded surface. Using such a quality product frees up more time in the workshop as it means less time sanding.

The sturdy design of our threaded inserts means they won’t split and break apart when screwing them into even the most solid hardwoods. We have tested out many brands of threaded inserts over the years and these are far superior in comparison to what else is available.

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